AirField™ is a custom built Performance Exhaust for Royal Enfield. Developed by Legundary Custom Built™. High performances exhaust with greatest functionality on an RE.

"Built by Legundary Custom Built™ as they step into manufacturing high-performance exhaust systems and other custom motorcycle products with utmost functionality."


AirField™ Tuned Performance:

The more power your motorcycle has, the more gas it has to get rid of. If you ride on power than the usual standard it is best recommended for you to fit an exhaust system. AirField™ High-Performance exhaust system is developed with minimal restriction allowing an optimal gas flow. Helping your engine breathe better. Tuned to produce functional torque and horsepower gains across varied engine speeds.


AirField™ Exhaust Note:

Fine-tuned to precision, delivering a desirable level of decibel. Producing a rich, sportier and an aggressive exhaust note. Designed to the core and to the tuned length.

Through complete or joint ownership, Legendary Custom Built™ properties are established itself as a highly sought after brand delivering high-quality consistency for motorcyclists.

We are on a mission to end the compromise an end-user agonizes. By achieving customized motorcycling nirvana.

Airfield is a custom built Performance Exhaust for Royal Enfield Performance enthusiasts.

The following factors should be considered during your research in identifying and buying the right aftermarket exhaust system for your bike. The Airfield exhaust system will compete for factors such as:
1. Longevity
2. Weight
3. Performance
4. Sound
5. Ease and quality of fitment
6. Quality of manufacture and material used
7. Compatibility with the vehicle